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Visual Arts

Selected visual art works with an emphasis on site-specific installations and the utilization of individual artworks together for a particular exhibition. Jenn frequently uses found and repurposed objects, natural materials, and digital media to explore archetypal themes in unexpected ways.

Where Earth Becomes Aether 72 dpi 55_edited.jpg

Site-specific installation at Wönzimer Gallery with  Cloud Assemblages and Dancing Leaves in 2023.


A solo exhibition of Dancing Leaves at Cerritos College for their Window Dressing Series in 2021.

Jason Jenn_Cumulus (Keys)_72dpi.jpg

Found objects, upcycled material, and human detritus given new life as cloud-shaped assemblages.

listening within web cropped .jpg

A young boy/me listens to the Earth, hearing the mysterious heartbeat of queerness approaching.

AdventuresInTheApocalypse_Jason_Jenn copy.jpg

A series of both cut and hand-torn collages inspired by cult movies and fantastical imagery. 

Jenn_still frame from Cathedral of Freeways_sm 72dpi.jpg

Multichannel or single-channel video art piece exploring the worship of car travel and freeways.



A vintage globe covered in rainbow nail polish to honor LGBTQ folks throughout history worldwide.


Leafs gathered from near the exhibition site are treated with metallic foils and arranged in geometric patterns.


A site-specific installation created at the historic library in Redondo Beach for The Last CA 101 Exhibition.

sharing a seat with the poets full.jpg

An installation honoring LGBTQ ancestors incorporating live plants, rocks, books, handmade pillows, and light.

JasonJenn_Emergence_25X30 72dpi.jpg

Various collage elements are applied onto canvas frames in various ways.


Watercolor, alcohol ink, gold leaf, and acrylic paint on paper in honor of meditative practices.


Video art piece about the desire to connect to the natural world in an increasingly disjointed society.


mom and pop are dead...install72dpi.jpg

A series of collages placed on Amazon boxes exploring the demise of local businesses.

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