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Sermon at the Cathedral of Freeways

An original multimedia performance video art piece designed for an 18-screen curved video wall that was 9,720 pixels wide by 3,840 tall. It has been redesigned for variable sizes, both single and multi-channel installations.

Jenn_still frame from Cathedral of Freeways_sm 72dpi.jpg

LA is known for the movie industry, sunshine, beaches, and a LOT of traffic. After spending endless hours on the freeways commuting, I was given little choice but to find a sense of beauty in the massive megalithic structures of certain interchanges, in particular by the intersection of the 110 and 105 (a location which also inspired the opening dance number of “LA LA Land”). The grand columns and swooping ramps reminded me of a gothic cathedral, albeit one that honors the busy bustling metropolis and massive population growth it represents instead of any particular religious icons.

I designed this particular piece so that at last my "Cathedral of the Freeways" could receive a vision of its Concrete Deity, including a variety of stained glass windows to populate it.

Body paint created by Vojislav Radovanović

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