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I create site-specific immersive experiences that aim to entertain, educate, illuminate, and inspire participants.

As an interdisciplinary multimedia artist and professional arts administrator, I assume various roles, including performer, writer, visual artist, director, producer, filmmaker, designer, consultant, and curator. My works are designed for exhibition on stage, screen, page, galleries, and special environments.

Frequently centered around sociopolitical and queer-empowered themes, my work reflects a keen interest in researching and reexamining familiar archetypes and universally appealing topics. I strive to present them in fresh ways that offer a revelatory perspective relevant to contemporary life. Historical elements, cultural lineage, and LGBTQ mentorship are integral components of my body of work. The constructed aspects of my work often contain a dream-like quality, evoking fantastical events and suggesting strange narratives, pulling viewers in for an unexpected journey.

My ongoing practice involves making adjustments to find balance and boundless possibility within an era of polarity, extremes, and relentless distraction. While broad in my interests, I infuse each endeavor with attention to detail. My goal is to engage the mind conceptually and perhaps touch the heart, often blending humor with tragedy and beauty with pain.


Jason Jenn is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in intermedia art, theatre, film, and cultural administration. Born and raised in rural Iowa, Jason received his Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Theatre Arts and Film & Media Production from the University of Iowa.


He moved to Los Angeles in 1998. After several years working in the Hollywood film and television industry, he founded his own special events consulting and producing business, ReEvolutionary Productions. He trained and worked for 7 years with renowned performance artist Rachel Rosenthal. He has produced over fifty theatrical shows and festival events, assisted in curating over fifty exhibitions, and produced hundreds of video shorts and features.

In 2017 he joined forces with another visual artist with a video/media background, Vojislav Radovanović. Together they founded L.A. Art Documents, a media company providing quality video and photographic documentation to document, promote, and curate the contemporary arts community in Los Angeles and Beyond.

He is the former Operations Director of Holonyne Corporation, Outreach Specialist for Torrance Art Museum, and Curatorial Assistant for MOAH:CEDAR.

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