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a hundred and one dreams and stories

A site-specific installation created at the Redondo Beach Historic Library for the Last CA 101 exhibition from August 25 - September 10, 2023. 


a hundred and one dreams and stories, 2023

mixed media installation; dried plant materials, metallic leaf, upcycled wood, enamel paint, found objects and human detritis, books

20 X 10 X 1 feet

Since the Redondo Beach Historic Library is no longer used to house books, I opted to install various leaf elements on the bookshelves along with a few bone-white painted books, representing the ghosts of former inhabitants. The rainbow arch was inspired by some of the arched windows adjacent along the front of the building. Thistle blossoms, maple seed whirlybirds, magnola seed pods, and dried leaves make up the rainbow. The raindrops are made from California Coastal Live Oak and also represent emotional teardrops from some recent events. The center cloud assemblage was repurposed from the Interconnected installation, but I created two new smaller clouds with tinges of pink and featuring items collected from the beach and surrounding area.

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