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Global Outing

A vintage globe covered in rainbow nail polish to honor LGBTQ existence throughout history worldwide.

Global Outing, 2019

Vintage globe painted with nail polish

16 X 16 X 16 inches


The painted globe made out of rainbow-colored nail polish explores the concept that LGBTQ people have existed in every part of the world throughout history. As many countries still ban homosexuality and even condemn people to death for being different, this is a declaration that we have always existed and are a natural part of life. In addition to the globe on a pedestal, the installation features mylar and vintage maps of various US states/cities scattered across the floor casting luminous reflections of light upon the walls.

I created this work first for the exhibition Queer at the ACE/121 Gallery in Glendale for their inaugural Pride exhibition in 2018 and redid the work as a complete installation at El Camino College Art Gallery as part of the two-person online exhibition Gerrym(e)andering in March 2021.

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