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Moonlight/Sunlight Performance

Video from my original spoken word performance art piece written and performed for “Planet Queer: Haunted Tarot “. Taking some visual inspiration from the recent solar eclipse and contemporary issues at play in our modern world, Moonlight/Sunlight highlights the particular aspects of the Moon and Sun cards of the tarot deck.

Here’s the text:

Are you scared? Are you frightened?

Are you terrified?

In these troubled times – Uncertainty abounds

In the darkness that surrounds us in the moonlight

Nothing’s quite predictable

Everything so unreliable in the moonlight.

Outside, inside, there’s no where to hide

For fear is everywhere in the moonlight.

When the shadows stretch over the world

Does a horror fall over your heart?

Does madness possess your mind?

In the moonlight

You feel helpless like a child

Your wonder wandering wild

Stirring the imaginations mysterious visions fill your head

Unraveling the manifestations of your unyielding dread

In the moonlight

So many illusions growing

The confusion of not knowing

What is real? What is fake? What is right? What is wrong?

Isolation and desolation

Loneliness and longing

Can you survive your crazy thoughts and all its fright

In the moonlight?

Do you feel the shivers down your spine

The chill from the ever closer approach of death

Waiting for the moment to deliver your final breath

Fear! Fear! Fear!

Fight or freeze or flight

In the moonlight

Oh, but don’t you see

That her soft and seductive silver gleams

Are here to soothe your worried dreams

There’s no rejection

Beneath her gentle reflection

Compassion and grace

Follow the phases of the shadows on her face

Anything is possible in the darkness of the unknown

There resides vast potential – including your own

In the moonlight

So take the time to ease your mind

As she glides across the sky

And dream away your wildest dreams

All throughout the night

In the moonlight

Until the dawn’s warm light

Reaches over the horizon

Piercing through the dark

There are too many things I worry about

But now my cold heart thaws out

In the sunlight

And these moments bring the urgency of life

Calling out to me – “set down your strife

And lift your head to the sky!

Oh! and the tears that you cry

Can be for both misery and joy – enjoy!

In the sunlight”

We have the invitation to play

Come, enjoy the rebeginning of a new day

I want to bask in the radiant glow

Warm rays to soothe the pains I know

In the sunlight

So many moments given to my grief

Balance it out for our days are so brief

I am but a tiny pebble on a wide beach of sand

In the ocean of time

So let me lay here and feel divine Apollo’s embrace

Warm fingertips of the golden god caressing my face

In the sunlight

I am humbly but a single leaf upon the tree of life

Learning to stretch up into the heights

Beyond my mere humanity

I want to feel the sparkle of divinity

All the majesty of creation and the gift of elation

I wish to feel the intensity of living life so full like a fool

In the sunlight

I want to feel happiness and laughter in the sunlight!

I want to celebrate and revel in the sunlight!

I want to dance with my friends in the sunlight!

As silly as it seems I want to shine rainbows everywhere

In your eyes and in your hair in the sunlight!

Sharing in the beautiful magnificent luminous sunlight!

I want to feel it in my heart – that’s where it starts…

For I am rising like the sun…

that is here to shine for everyone

I am burning with the beauty of our love

I am lifting off the earth

I am lighter now than at my birth

I am moving by the magic of our love

I am flying, I am soaring

And there’s no use in ignoring

This was gifted from the glory of our love

In the sunlight!

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