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Ecstasy – “Behind” the Scenes

Check out the teaser trailer for ECSTASY FOR EVERYONE! Get your tickets for all three events today:

This teaser is a tongue-in-cheeky look “Behind” the scenes getting ready for the production. Ok, so it may not really have anything to do with the actual performance other than containing some of the the spirit and fun of the show. This is definitely a show I’m thrilled about doing.

James Broughton’s poetry contains so many elements I love. His poetry is rich with interpretation and inspiration. He uses a LOT of humor in them while containing very deep and meaningful explorations of humanity. They are wise and wise-cracking. They’re bawdy, outrageous and tickle the private parts! They make you think and leave you inspired.

Here’s one sample – making use of humor to explore the macabre

Thinking About Death

How often do you think about Death? Death thinks about you all the time Death is fatally in love with you and me And his lust is known to be relentless

Life is an equally persistent lover He was desiring each of us before we were born I try to remain faithful to him but I know The relationship can’t go on forever

Life relishes my body heat my heart beating My blood my semen even my steamy notions Death cherishes what is cool and mysterious in me All that is shadowy and perverse like him

I like to think of Death awaiting our rendezvous In a candlelit corner of an intimate café Where he will regale me with scandalous tales Of misbehavior in other worlds

Yet in the end it is Life that wears us out At that crosswalk what will the traffic bear? Shouldn’t we think about Death more often? Death is thinking about us all the time.

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