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Minotaur of the Mental Labyrinth

Memorial Day Monday brought together a packed audience to blast off for Planet Queer: Animal Instinct. Keeping with the theme of the evening I presented a test run of a work in progress: “Minotaur of the Mental Labyrinth” – a collaboration with painter Mr. Voice Love. Together we’re part of a team

called Flourish Projects


“Minotaur” is part of a larger piece that explores the interconnectedness of fine art paintings, mythological storytelling, contemporary references, and an intricate puzzle for audiences to solve. For this presentation, we adapted the piece in order to create a ritual that audience members could connect with and ruminate over.

The performance began with the minotaur mask over the face discussing how lately the mind has been plagued by raging thoughts like the mythological bull-man.

Rotating around I reveal the painted labyrinth on the skull and upper back, relating the myth to inner-psychological feelings surrounding the challenges of modern life. A quick discussion summarizes the myth, including the importance of how Ariadne’s thread is the key to hero Theseus’ journey success in finding his way back out of the labyrinth’s depths. A rainbow colored thread was passed out among the audience, for each member to hold onto a part of the strand – therefore connecting them all. A ritual was performed, asking the audience to meditate about how the myth relates to their life, with various questions posed during the process along the lines of:

“Who is your thread – who leads you out of the mental labyrinths? Who are you the thread for and can you answer the call of those in need? What form does the minotaur take in your life? How can you vanquish the negative thoughts?” Etc.

The larger performance will take participants on a complex journey from one subject of a painting and mythology to another.

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