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Great Expect-Temptations

I am feeling such a post-performance euphoria from the experience presenting “Temptations in Fairyland” at MOAH: CEDAR, part of Lancaster’s Museum of Art & History. I feel so blessed for the opportunity to create a performance art piece based on an exhibition as rich with inspirational material as Leonard Greco’s “Fairyland” in an institution with a curatorial approach I have come to greatly admire. I’m writing a blog post, but I’m really doing an interpretive dance of joy for so many reasons – only a fraction of I will share with you now.

“Robin Goodfellow”, artist Leonard Greco, curator Robert Benitez, and me – the performer

Lancaster, CA has a museum you say? Why, yes, the birthplace of Judy Garland and the Antelope Valley region known for the poppy preserve and aviation industry has a fantastic series of interconnected museums known collectively as MOAH. In the year which I have known of it, I have been blown away by the various exhibitions. It is a refreshing oasis of art in the desert at the farthest northern reaches of Los Angeles County. I cannot rave enough about the museum, which has always made the long distance drive worth it. MOAH really cultivates connections with the cream of the crop of Los Angeles’ emerging artists, giving them opportunities to be participate in and create incredible exhibitions. From what I have experienced, the dynamic team of curators, lead by Andi Campognone and Robert Benitez, have done a remarkable job of selecting artists whose work they admire and have figured out how to get the best possible exhibitions out of them.

The contemporary art world is far too full of exhibitions and curators that program works which almost purposely aim to alienate audiences – making “common” people feel so removed from being able to connect with the work, and setting up experiences which leave one scratching their head and feeling talked down to. MOAH is a breath of fresh air that presents delightful work of art they like and believe others will too. It can be that simple.

I have much more to say about the experience, but in the meantime…here are some pictures to speak for me!

Photos by Orit Harpaz Photography

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