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Dimensionalizing Narcissus

Updated: Jan 6

On Thursday 10.10.19 from 6pm-10pm I will take part in the TEDx Redondo Beach Salon at the Main Gallery of the CA 101 Art Gallery as part of their yearly art exhibition. TEDx “Create Change” features pre-recorded TEDTalks and facilitated discussion is curated by artists Peggy Sivert and Ben Zask, moderated by artist Bernard Fallon.

My special live presentation of “Dimensionalizing Narcissus” will take place from 6:40-7:00pm in a loose (but unofficial) TEDx meets performance art style. The performance examines the concepts of Narcissism we’re experiencing on an accelerated level in our contemporary culture (in the American system in general, in social media, and most notably at the moment in the POTUS). I will be examining the classical Greek myth from a different perspective, offering another view of the original Greek myth that provides much needed depth. The Narcissus we know of is shallow and self-centered, or two-dimensional. I propose a vision for reinterpreting the Myth what I call a three-dimensional way, in which Narcissus is not so much interested in the reflection he sees on the surface, but to “Know thyself” and dive into the waters of his true nature.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

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