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Diamond in the Rough

“Of all the loud and glamorous events taking place at Los Angeles Pride, the queer poetry pop-up was a quiet gem that successfully delivered the message of love with no boundaries, for one’s self and for all.” – Author Megan De Lara

I am grateful for the opportunity to research and share a wide range of LGBTQ love poetry from history for The City of West Hollywood One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival. I truly enjoyed getting to know more about some of our cultural treasures and gain a window into their life and times by examining their love poetry in this manner.

Reciting them for the public on the street during the month of Pride definitely proved a challenge at times, but had some really lovely moments and I look forward to more opportunities. So glad that this article manifested as a result. It’s incredible be in a city that cherishes the arts like West Hollywood and live in a era when we can be presenting LGBTQ love poetry dressed provocatively out in the streets. The reality is such an event is mighty rare – and still is something that can’t happen in most places. I am very aware of the fragile beauty of this kind of experience. It’s like bringing the poets back to life for a moment, and I am honored to be able to do it.

“Even when the sun and noise from the crown proved to be an obstacle, Jenn continued his readings, emphasizing important phrases vocally and physically. It was much more than a mere “see it and read it” reciting, and offered bits of history to listeners as well. ” – author Megan De Lara

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