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Adventures in Poetry

Transforming poetry into memorable theatrical & performance art experiences is Jason Jenn's speciality. Here are some of the notable moments.


  • Cavafy's Caress (2011) is a full-length production that tells the emotional life story of the Greek writer Constantine P. Cavafy through poetry.

  • Cocteau & Colette at the Grand Véfour (2012) saw Jason transform into author Jean Cocteau in a play exploring his friendship with Colette (author of Gigi).

  • Ecstasy For Everyone! (2013-2015, 2020) - a visually lush and whimsical show that celebrated the poetry of visionary filmmaker and poet James Broughton.

  • Behold the Bridegrooms Revisited (2014) - a special event honoring marriage equality by restaging James Broughton's marriage to Joel Singer along with various poetic material by Broughton paired with live cello and dance.

  • Recognition = Life (2015), a heartbreaking presentation of poetry by the gay rights activist Paul Monette, written during the depths of the AIDS crisis.

  • Harold Norse Centennial Celebrations (2016), performances on tour to celebrate the 100th birthday of the beat poet, sponsored by the SF Beat Museum.

  • LET LOVE FLOURISH (2019), a historical dive into a wide range of love poems from a vast pantheon of LGBTQ poets from Sappho to Mary Oliver, Whitman to Auden.

  • The Wonders of Many Sunsets (2022) honored the botanist and author William Emboden as part of the art exhibition Memories of Tomorrow's Sunrise.

  • Who Left the Poet On? (2024) is the latest work in development to honor the poetry of dear friend Robert Patrick Playwright (author: Kennedy's Children, Untold Decades).

The Wonders of Many Sunsets / Jason Jenn performs the poetry of William Emboden
L.A. Art Documents

The Wonders of Many Sunsets / Jason Jenn performs the poetry of William Emboden

Performed at the exhibition: Memories of Tomorrow's Sunrise Ronald H Silverman Fine Arts Gallery Cal State LA July 6, 2022 Jason Jenn shares a selection of poetry written by William Embolden - activating the installation art he created on view in the exhibition Memories of Tomorrow's Sunrise at Cal State LA's Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery. William A. Emboden Ph.D., F.L.S. (February 24, 1935 - May 10, 2016) was a world-renowned ethnobotanist, writer, editor, professor, lecturer, artist, and poet. Interdisciplinary artist and exhibition co-curator, Jason Jenn helped to transcribe thousands of handwritten poetic works and dozens of manuscripts that William wrote during the final years of his life. The installation piece "sharing a seat with the poets" was created as a tribute to the concepts of mentorship, spiritual connection, and ideas of LGBTQ and cultural ancestry/kinship beyond blood relations. "The wonders of many sunsets remain in my heart I have left my home and now A starry roof is enough How am I to render this moment of sunset One must not ask for another sunrise From the lake, the old lady loon calls to me An old friend comes to me to say that It is time to light my lantern I would ask only that you collect And keep my poems My only treasure..." - excerpt from the 136-page document "Jisei: Japanese Death Poems" (one of 5 poetry collections created by William between 2012-2016) In Death Poetry it became customary for a person to write a “farewell to life” poem just before death or upon his death bed. Rather than being restrained these poems became rather open. They were the manner in which the poet would prefer to be remembered. Some are rude or even defiant. Poems of Death are essentially an individual’s spiritual legacy. They may deny any further life beyond this, and they may even be jovial in content. There are no real boundaries to expression. more about the exhibition at:
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