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Cavafy's Caress

A full-length play about the sensual life of Constantine P. Cavafy through original translations of his poetry. 


This intimate theatrical performance explores the vibrant and passionate words and world of the renowned Greek poet, Constantine P. Cavafy (1863-1933). A graceful collection of some of Cavafy's greatest poems are arranged to create a story that gives the audience a mesmerizing glimpse into his relationship with sexuality, memory, youth, and the love of beauty. Although quite secretive during his lifetime, Cavafy was ahead of his time in the way he wrote candidly about his homosexuality and varied experiences with desire. His most famous poem, Ithaka, was a favorite of Jacki Onassis and read at her funeral.

The play can be restaged with 3-5 characters and runs between 45-1hr in length

Original production took place in 2011.

Jason Jenn - as - Constantine P. Cavafy

Larry Levi - as - The Choragus/ Greek Chorus Leader

Kyle McMillan - as - the Vision of Youth and Beauty

Special thanks to Chevalier Tony Clark of the Affinity Galleries for the invitation to create this production.

Photos by Martin Ledford

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