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you will not be buried

you will not be buried
when you are freed from the shackles of your flesh
your ashes will be rebirthed from the flaming womb
not common or gray but
all glittery and iridescent pink to
match the sparkle in your eye that everyone knows so well
your remains will reach for the sky as your thoughts often did
it’ll be as if some hot hairy daddy were tossing up his infant child
from his big ol’ beefy arms
your squeals of delight will echo through the ages
skipping joyously along the clouds
putting the shiny silver lining on them like lipstick
when i squint into the sun just right
i’ll see your smile beaming a rainbow reflection
you were always a fierce and radiant survivor
you did not pass all these milestone years
traversing the ravages of time and various personal calamities
to wither away in a dark box sealed away from view
darling you shine for all time
you are the light and the breath of rarified air
that gives life to future generations
you will not be buried

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