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Ode to the Divine Fool

Follow your own path
Follow your calling
Follow the mystery
Toward a new day that’s dawning
March to your own drumbeat
Drift far from the course
Make a journey of left turns
In search of the source

Just keep moving onward
Keep your head held high
Your thoughts light and lofty
Far up into the sky
Some days will be cloudy
Some days will bring rain
But if you don’t take some action
Then nothing will change

Stray far from the norm
Move on from the pack
Be determined and willing
For there’s no turning back
Now, that doesn’t mean I believe
We should live our lives naive
Nor to stick our heads in the ground
Every time trouble comes around

Our childhood may have faded
But we can’t spend our lives jaded
So. stay forever young
Stay forever innocent
Stay forever curious
And stay forever diligent
Oh, we cannot deny
All the ages that pass by

No, we must endeavor to embrace
Each and every wrinkle on our face
From smiling and clowning
To weeping and frowning
All of it an experience
Whether from pain or whether bliss
It’s part of a grander plan
And what it means to be human

We have all the more reason
To celebrate the seasons
The cycle of life and all they bring
For within our hearts is an eternal Spring
Where we keep warm our inner child
A sweet youth both mild and wild
Let our babes thrive in that special place
The paradise of our inner space

For when our thoughts are mired
We need a spark to lift us higher
Above the weight of life that drags us down
In a sea of woe which we would drown
Of, life can be cruel or life can be kind
Life is what we leave behind
For future generations
All across the nations

So let us plant more flowers
To bloom beauty when it showers
Colorful gifts to freshen the air
From the stench of our derrieres
Be footloose and fancy free
With spirits lighter than the breeze
And when opportunities arrive
Usually taking us quite by surprise

Then take a bold step
A quantum leap of faith my friend
That this is not the end
But a new rebeginning
Even though we may risk it all
We must believe we will not fall
For if we care to dare
We may find we’ll be walking by chance on air!

So fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly
Oh such Divine Fools –
Each and every one of us!

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