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Let Love Flourish

A spoken word celebration of historic LGTBQ poets and their affectionately inclined works of literature. 


From Sappho to Mary Oliver, Walt Whitman to Allen Ginsberg, James Baldwin to James Broughton, queer love has emerged in poetic writing in various ways, from veiled allusions during oppressive eras to all-out profusions of sensuous splendor in more contemporary times. Through all of humanity’s twists and turns, artists have found ways to express their heart and soul in a timeless fashion – their talent now receives an attentive tribute bringing them to spirited life by a fellow scribe and admirer. Let Love Flourish is a tribute to LGBTQ love for all ages, featuring educational prose about the authors followed by recitations of their inspiring poetic verse that will leave listeners entranced.


The performance is available for restaging in various time frames and formats. Performances can vary from 10 minutes up to a full hour. 

The original performance of Let Love Flourish was created for the public to enjoy in the streets of West Hollywood during the opening and closing events, and in special appearances throughout the 40-day One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival. The presentations proposed a pleasure-filled experience for audiences to enjoy, employing elaborately styled costumes and various theatrical techniques, while illuminating audiences about the authors’ lives and their historical conditions.

Photos by Tony Coelho 

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