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Gay May Days

A 3-day weekend of heartfelt LGTBQ-themed performances and a community space with workshops, special events, and nightly maypole dances, produced and curated by Jason Jenn and Ian MacKinnon at Spirit Studios.


Contributions of great LGBTQ figures in history and the nature of queerness were explored by members of LA’s Radical Faerie creative community in a glorious three-day independently produced festival. The weekend celebrated aspects of Beltane, Social Justice, and the Eros of Springtime through the LGBTQ perspective.


The closing event of each production was a may-pole dance performed by the gathered members of the audience. There were interactive workshops and community dinners throughout the day leading up to the evening production. Friday's theme was LGBTQ icons and history with tribute performances to greats from the past. Saturday (Satyrday) afternoon held a literary presentation by readers from Homo-Centric followed by an evening of sexy performances in celebration of all things spring. Sunday's theme was an open mic for community and opportunity for introspection.

There was an additional GAY MAY DAYS produced in 2010 at the Pollination Pavilion (Jason Jenn's private loft space in DTLA).

Photography by Gregory Frye

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