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ONE Queer Garden Club – Budding Developments

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The ONE Queer Garden Club (OQGC) began in March 2017 as a volunteer group associated with the ONE Archives. Our initial objective has been to renovate, rejuvenate, and beautify an existing, overgrown and unused succulent garden outside the building so it can increase the buildings existing outdoor space and host a variety of creative arts, educational, and community events. In the past five months, a group of about 30 members has contributed to the renovation of the space, and we’re excited by all the possibilities the transformation holds for the future at the world’s largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world.

Here are some before & after pictures of the space in progress – as well as some group pictures from some of the gatherings.



We did a lot of work digging up overgrown plants and transplanting things that were in the way. We sculpted the garden to give it a general shape, with a several entrance pathways that wrap around clusters of plants leading to various open sections for future placement of benches, art installations, a shade structure, rainwater collection, and planters. There is a large central flat open area to be used as a performance and/or gathering space.

The next steps of OQGC will be to level the ground and cover the sand with large paving stones to create a wheelchair accessible path and make it easier to host events.

We want to increase the garden’s bio-diversity and are accepting donations of plants and planters.

We have ideas for upcoming mosaic tile art workshops, open to everyone, to learn how to create mosaic tile pieces from professional artist Jolino Beserra. First projects will have people tile the original stepping stones, so that everyone can contribute an individual art piece to the garden that when pieced together links the garden together with color. The tile pieces will also contain photos and images relating to LGBTQ heroes and icons researched from the Archives as a way to create a legacy garden honoring those who contributed to LGBTQ history.

From there we also aim to host a series of educational workshops about native species and drought tolerant plants.

We aim to work with other community organizations and artists to create both performance art events and art installations based on research Archive material – taking what exists inside the building “out” into the world.

We also look forward to hosting “Garden Tea Parties” a festive mixer and celebration featuring live performance in the garden.

To learn more and become a member of the OQGC please visit:

Like our facebook page at:


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