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Performance Art

Selected site-specific performances, often designed in conjunction with the themes and visuals of particular gallery exhibitions and/or events in mind. Jason can be commissioned to create a new, original work or adapt one of his numerous prior works to fit a particular venue or special event. 

Jason E4E CelestialJames.jpeg

An exuberant, full-length multimedia solo show in tribute to the poetry & films of James Broughton.


A humorous, adaptable, all-ages variety show created for the young at heart in everyone.


The history of performance art inspired by Gustav Flaubert’s novel The Temptation of St. Anthony.

Let Love Flourish Street Shot.jpg

An educational and inspiring spoken word celebration of love poetry by 30+ LGTBQ poets from history.


A ritual performance about childhood memories with olfactory audience participation.

Wondrous The Merge.jpg

A variety of performances and special events where Jason brings poetry to vivid life on stage.

Twinkle 01.jpeg

Exploring complex concepts of immigration, genocide, homelessness, religion, politics, fame, and fortune.


An appropriately inappropriate tribute to the genderqueer provocateur Stephen Varble.


A durational performance that moves through gallery spaces while interacting with its artwork & humans.


Journey further down the rabbit hole of selected performances from 2002-present.

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