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Oh, you are no stranger
To a life full of danger
And though there are dragons
You won’t find one here
So, come, come closer,
You are so welcome near.

It’s time to lay down the sword
Consider now your great reward
For those glorious battles
Your knightly quest was good
You’d wipe away the bloodstains
If you only could

Stay awhile and rest my dear
Put aside those cautious fears
You can shed your armor
You may call this home
It’s so wonderful at long last
To have you now alone

Open up your hands
And take mine inside
Look into my eyes
You have nothing left to hide
Wrap your arms around me
Smile in a warm embrace
Lay your ear upon my heart
And surrender to its grace

I – I – I – I –ah
I – I – I – I – ah
WANT you.

Oh you are no stranger
To all of life’s danger
You pledged to never wave a white flag
But a truce must now be made
Between two mighty warriors
Who’s lives must now be saved

You know you have the power
To trade weapons for the flower
The world needs more gardners
If there’s going to be an eden
And paradise will not be lost
If you take up this new mission

Help me clear these brambles
From a heart in such shambles
Smothered in defensive thorns
You will find the tender rose
Treat it carefully please
For its a good life I propose

(repeat Chorus)

I – I – I – I –ah
I – I – I – I – ah
NEED you.

Oh you are no stranger
To a lifetime of danger
There will always be a monster
A serpent who wants your soul
But sooner or later
The fight will take its toll

I shall not disdain
Should you miss your horse’s reigns
But after all those wild chases
Maybe one day it will be clear
That the ride of your life
Is in the arms of this lover here

If you keep up this fight
With all your earthly might
Then the greatest regret
Is not that we’ll be alone
But in what we’ll never know
If this love is never sewn.

(repeat Chorus)

I – I – I – I –ah
I – I – I – I – ah
LOVE you.