“QREATURES: The (w)Hole Story is a humorous performance art piece that uses colorful costumes, props, puppets, music, audience participation, and a variety of guest artists to work within a narrated modular storyline created for the young at heart.

Infamous Alice followed the White Rabbit down a hole into Wonderland, but in Qreatures the main character Lex, a non-binary child, runs away from bullies by taking refuge in what turns out to be the magical entrance to a Queer Animal Spirit World. After passing a test administered by three guardians (worm, caterpillar, and snake), Lex is given permission to attend the Special Emergency Council of Queer Animal Spirits gathered together to address the urgent global threat posed by humans and climate change. Audiences are invited to play the role of different animals. The various animals present their thoughts on what to do until final speeches are given by the Lion and Butterfly. It’s a rather playful exploration of a very pressing and dire situation, which ends on an uplifting note about finding common ground, building community, and moving forward with hope into a more sustainable future.

“QREATURES: The (w)Hole Story” was first performed at ACE/121 Gallery for the Closing Reception of the glendaleOUT Exhibition, Saturday, July 13 6pm-9pm, 2019

An encore one-person version of the story was commissioned for a glendaleOUT LGBTQ family festival in May 2020, but has been postponed until post-Covid conditions.

Photographs by Andrew Adam Caldwell

Other featured performers: The Boyfriend (Barbershop quartet/trio), Dee Weingarden (Lady Owl), Mr. Voice Love (Birdie), Paul Manchester (Mouse), Nelson Munares (Snake)