ECSTASY FOR EVERYONE! is an exuberant and thought-provoking full length, one-man show performance art celebration of the poetic works and visionary films of James Broughton.

Qreatures: The (w)Hole Story is a humorously engaging performance that uses colorful costumes, props, puppets, music, audience participation, and a variety of guest artists to work within a narrated modular storyline created for the young at heart in everyone.

Temptations in Fairyland is a site-specific solo performance that explores the history of performance art through the lens of Gustav Flaubert’s novel The Temptation of St. Anthony commissioned for the Lancaster Museum of Art & History, based on the artist Leonard Greco’s solo exhibition “Fairyland”.

TWINKLE: Traveler Beneath the Stars is a site-specific performance art collaboration between Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović, based on Radovanović’s exhibition “Prayer for Travelers: Dairy of an Immgrant” at MuzeuMM art gallery.

Rose/Mary is a performance piece involving ritual and olfactory audience participation created for the opening reception of the LGTBQ group exhibition “My Youth” at TAG Gallery.

This is not a closing reception…it’s a REAR OPENING: Performance Tribute to the Gutter-Art of Stephen Varble featured a cadre of performing artists to deliver an appropriately inappropriate tribute to the genderqueer provocateur Stephen Varble at The ONE Archives Gallery & Museum.

eXtremities is a site-specific, durational performance piece moving through gallery spaces, transforming the everyday hands and feet into “peculiarly articulating delivery apparatuses for exploring a range of human desires and contemporary concerns” – all while interacting with the artwork on view in the exhibition.

LET LOVE FLOURISH is a spoken word celebration of historic LGTBQ poets and affectionately inclined works of literature, both educational and inspiring in nature for audiences. 

The Happy Happy ReBegin Day Celebration was a delightfully madcap collaborative performance created with April Hava Shenkman with the themes of new beginnings, calendar dates (it took place shortly after the Mayan Calendar’s infamous “end” on Dec. 21, 2012), calendar girls, liminal spaces, the two-faced Roman deity Janus, and the archetype of the Fool.