Jason Jenn as Harvestman – one of the evening’s hosts

Jason Jenn and Ian MacKinnon presented HOMO-HARVEST, two nights of the freshest, hottest underground gay performance art that Los Angeles has to offer. Both 2013 & 2014 offered festive celebrations of Life’s creative bounty cultivated from the artists’ wildest dreams. A mix of ritual, music, spoken word, video art, fantastic costumes, and interactive tasting ceremonies – centered around themes of food, nature, sexuality, and autumn. A pagan-friendly atmosphere abounds, complete with glitter make-up & manicure station, a queer cornucopia community altar, & cruisy fire pit.

In 2013 Jenn opened the variety show with “Feast of Love” a story about the difference between Heaven and Hell, in which the assembled crew fed the audience with grapes. Throughout the show, food was served to the audience by the cast.

In 2014 Jenn told the story of “Aristaeus and the Disappearance of the Bees” in two parts. Part One is an introduction to the role of the Greek demi-god Aristaeus (played by Gay Games Gold Medal winner Eli Rarey), the world’s first farmer. In one of the Greek myths, Aristaeus discovers the bees in his hives are dead. In Part Two he ventures to the prophetic god Proteus (played by Robert Patrick Playwright) and wrestles the shapeshifting god for answers to save the bees.

PHOTO GALLERY – images by Gregory Frye