Jason’s mixed media collages utilize a hand torn method, that delivers a raw, organic aesthetic – following in the Wabi-sabi tradition of beauty in the natural imperfection of life. Many of his works are what he calls Midnight Collages, referring not only to the general time frame of their preferred creation, but paying homage to the cultural phenomenon of Midnight Movies: art-house, camp, and cult film classics which created a new style of their own.

Midnight Movies usually contain a variety of wild images that offer up an alternative view of society, not often seen and in contrast to their more popular, mainstream counterparts. In the same way these collages reassemble the source material images in new and unusual ways, often with a whimsical, irreverent, or playful twist. Much like the films sometimes the collage results can be beautiful or bizarre, campy or cryptic, mysterious or maddening in their own unique style. They tell strange stories, which don’t try to fit into the mainstream, but work upon the fringe of norms. There is a rather potent element that informs them when crafted in the midnight hour. They become methods to unwind the mind from the days programming, clearing and preparing the brain for its approaching slumber. They preface and predict the visions of the dream realm. The collages take on their own meaning and necessitate the same type of curiosity that many of the cult classic movies impart in their audacity to be different.
One of Jason’s favorite reoccurring characters is that of “Psycloptra”, a one-eyed female figure who represents the ever changing landscape of the subconscious human psyche.

A few selections below – for ongoing samples of the work visit instagram @jasonjennartist

Reptile Mind Release
Monkey Mind Dreams the Universe
Psycloptra in the Holy City
Leviathan Rising
Love Voyager
Psycloptra as Marilyn Mono-eye
Psycloptra on the Rocks or The Little Mermaid
Jazz Bird
Age of Exploration
Inward Quest