June is Bustin’ Out All Over

The carousel of life has brought another series of event associated with June and Pride, making this another busy summertime.

I’m PROUD to have my artwork, photography, and poetry featured in the official ‘Calendar and Cultural Guide’ that the Dept. of Cultural Affairs publishes each year featuring work culled from the Los Angeles artistic community. An opening ceremony and the official unveiling of the guide was held on Wednesday, May 30. The cover image (painted by Patrick Marston)  honored openly gay city councilmember and the Bill Rosendahl Memorial Lifeguard Tower, a rainbow symbol of Venice Beach pride.



It’s exciting to live in a city that respects and celebrates its diverse culture and art – the large number of events and size of the guide attests to a vibrant and active scene.

You can download the 2018 LGBT Calendar and Cultural Guide here

View my samples, below:



Minotaur of the Mental Labyrinth

Memorial Day Monday brought together a packed audience to blast off for Planet Queer: Animal Instinct. Keeping with the theme of the evening I presented a test run of a work in progress: “Minotaur of the Mental Labyrinth” – a collaboration with painter Mr. Voice Love. Together we’re part of a team

called Flourish Projects


“Minotaur” is part of a larger piece that explores the interconnectedness of fine art paintings, mythological storytelling, contemporary references, and an intricate puzzle for audiences to solve. For this presentation, we adapted the piece in order to create a ritual that audience members could connect with and ruminate over.

The performance began with the minotaur mask over the face discussing how lately the mind has been plagued by raging thoughts like the mythological bull-man.

Rotating around I reveal the painted labyrinth on the skull and upper back, relating the myth to inner-psychological feelings surrounding the challenges of modern life. A quick discussion summarizes the myth, including the importance of how Ariadne’s thread is the key to hero Theseus’ journey success in finding his way back out of the labyrinth’s depths. A rainbow colored thread was passed out among the audience, for each member to hold onto a part of the strand – therefore connecting them all. A ritual was performed, asking the audience to meditate about how the myth relates to their life, with various questions posed during the process along the lines of:

“Who is your thread – who leads you out of the mental labyrinths? Who are you the thread for and can you answer the call of those in need? What form does the minotaur take in your life? How can you vanquish the negative thoughts?” Etc.

The larger performance will take participants on a complex journey from one subject of a painting and mythology to another.

A Dandy Time with Taylor Mac, CAP_UCLA, & Pomegranate Arts

I’m riding on an sparkling tsunami wave of profound gratitude for the epic adventure that was the performance art concert of Taylor Mac’s “A 24-Decade History of American Popular Music.” For the Los Angeles run of the show, it was split into four parts of six nonstop exciting hours each.  And WOW it lived up to the anticipation – it was a musical thrill-ride, twisted fashion show, fun-house of audience participation, and historic sociopolitical/educational experience all rolled into one! There’s a lot being said about MacArthur Genius grantee Taylor Mac and this epic production – and for good reason!

I’m so glad I was able to participate and revel in the role as a Dandy Minion with such a remarkable cast and crew of lovely people – reuniting with some old friends and forging some wonderful new. I was truly impressed by all the people involved in bringing this vision to life. I have enough varied experiences in my theatrical career to know that the collaboration between CAP_UCLA and Pomegranate Arts with Taylor Mac was something quite wonderful and rare – not to forget taking place in something as grand and historic as the Theatre at the Ace Hotel (aka United Artists Theatre). It’s encouraging to know that such supportive producers are out there helping bringing visionary works like “A 24-Decade…” to audiences. I also feel very fortunate that in my history I’ve worked on some incredible shows with a lot of beautiful people – most of them have been under the radar, unlike this stellar production, but a lot of them have been full of a sublime energy that I can truly say have been divine.

So for this, I enjoyed putting my few of my performance art wardrobe archives to good use (the organized bins of costumes in the garage came in quite handy) and crafting a few new pieces inspired by the glorious creations donned each hour by Taylor Mac that were brilliantly crafted by designer Machine Dazzle. Each decade pulled from a particular theme and reference (like the 60’s involving a wig made from red & blue 3-D glasses along with a dress of white picket fences) that helped to echo the deconstruction of history Taylor Mac was discussing. The scope and vision of “A 24-Decade…” casts a much-needed queer light upon America, dispelling some of the popular white-male dominant myths and misconceptions, inviting in thought to include more of the entire diverse community. Such a task could have been woefully preachy, but this was a most entertaining gospel according to Taylor Mac, who possesses a thunderous talent and consummate control over the theatrical energies at play. He gifts the whole audience and supporting artists the chance to play and shine alongside.

The show brilliantly digs its glittery heel into legitimacy and paves the way for more understanding and exposure to underground performance art. I’m certain everyone who experienced even a fraction of the production were planted with seeds for further contemplation. I know I’ve been I’ve been charmed by all the great people involved, which encourages and emboldens me to keep along this creative path in this incredible community. There is continued hard work to do to see old and new projects to completion. Worthy challenges!  Taylor Mac’s final words from his original song were after all –  “you can lie down or get up and play…” Let’s see what happens! Stay tuned. Play along!


Being a Dandy with Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music

You can see the pictures and videos of Taylor Mac in numerous places online, but you really need to experience Taylor Mac live and for those in Los Angeles you have 4 opportunities that you don’t want to miss. Yes, seeing the wild images online reveal part of the colorful charms the upcoming show “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” hold in store for audiences, but I can assure you the whole experience of getting to the theatre and sharing a live event as it unfolds with hundreds of other guests for a most unusual dive into music, history, philosophy, and the spectacular vibrancy of it all is where the magic is truly at. I cannot recommend enough that you get your butt into the theatre and be a participant in the ride – I can assure you that you’ll be glad you did. Here’s the link to get your tickets – because you need to get them right now:


I feel very fortunate that I’ll be on my own peculiar journey playing the role of a Dandy Minion, charged with helping to bridge the gap between stage and audience during the proceedings this month. What the 4 distinct shows, which split the 24 decades into segments of 6 decades/6 hours, have exactly in store for me as a Dandy cast member actually remains a bit of a sublime mystery – and I’m thrilled at the prospects of the adventure that awaits. It’s a fabulous opportunity that means so much beyond the typical show experience for me, bringing together the years of training and development together with some deep emotional connections and personal meaning, along with an incredible team assembled under the shining beacon of MacArthur Genius Taylor Mac.

with Taylor Mac, Sky and Yozmit after the More!More!More! show

I first experienced Taylor Mac just a few years ago when judy (Mac’s preferred pronoun) came to LA’s Hammer Museum on a tuesday evening as part “More! More! More! An Evening with Joey Arias, Justin Vivian Bond, and Taylor Mac.” The energy of the gathered audience in attendance was palpable – providing a buzzing energy of so many bodies gathered (much like what one can expect at the Ace Hotel for this most anticipated event). The artwork on exhibit by Jim Hodges, whom the evening was in honor of, was spectacular and transcendent in its own right. I met up with some friends, fellow performance artists who studied under Rachel Rosenthal together, R.SKY Palkowitz and Yozmit – and thanks to Yozmit’s friendship with the event’s producer we lucked out with three front row seats that seemed so destined for us. I found myself directly in line with the microphone and therefore the trio of incredible performers. I didn’t know what to expect with Taylor Mac opening the show, but I was quickly blown away. Taylor Mac was a kindred spirit, a fellow performance artist with a shaved head and a penchant for glittery makeup and dazzling costumes who engaged the audience while singing and storytelling that had meaning and spirit, while simultaneously reminding me of so many of my friends and colleagues all rolled into one inspiring dynamo.

I had arrived at the museum with a dark cloud over my head and a sunken heart. A dear friend of mine, Randy Harrison, was gravely ill in the hospital several miles away. I spent several hours on monday night holding his hand through a series of some horrifically painful cycles brought on from his illness. I was distraught by it all, for I had just seen him looking and feeling perky on sunday evening at his house during a little party to celebrate the upcoming surgery that was going to extend his life battling cancer – but in less than a day things took an unexpected turn.

The future was now very bleak. I needed my own sort of spiritual medicine, and Taylor Mac was exactly the fabulous shaman-doctor that helped to clear my heart and take me out of body into the vast universe above offering perspective on the fragility and temporal beauty of life. I was taken on a cathartic journey, full of tears and laughter brought on by the brilliance of Taylor Mac’s keen way of including the audience in a most entertaining and enlightening conversation. I’ve seen audience participation go terribly wrong, but under his playful expertise it was delightfully oh-so-right. I also loved seeing my dear friend and theatrical cohort, Robert Patrick Playwright (one of the originators of modern gay theatre) randomly get pulled up on stage that evening for some of the participation. Taylor Mac was instantly propelled into the heights of my all-time favorite artists that night and I have been blessed to see him several more times for continued delights.

Robert Patrick gleefully onstage with Taylor Mac at More!More!More! show


There’s so much more I could share (and perhaps over time I shall), of just why I love the performance of Taylor Mac so much. Anyone familiar with my work will see obvious connections and understand a bit why. But you really need to experience Taylor Mac for yourself and form your own kind of transcendent experience from it all. There’s a reason he’s gaining so much acclaim and attention – and it’s not just because judy sparkles in the spotlight (although judy really SPARKLES in the spotlight). There will be your own conclusions and revelations to be made from this astounding production, but I suspect you’ll find yourself the one sparkling after the show.

A few weeks after that first experience — my friend passed away. It’s been several years, but he forever resides in my heart, in fond memories, and in a soon to be completed short documentary about his sculpture and photography. Randy and I shared a lot of history together, including sharing a lot of time crafting spectacular events, space on a stage where I wore a lot of colorful outfits, sang songs, and delivered messages that uplifted the audience and stimulated personal growth. He would be so happy to know that I was about to be part of the same this month in a remarkable and breath-giving endeavor like Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.

Randy pictured sitting front row left as “Spirit of Wisdom” next to me as “Spirit of Color” during one of our productions for the California Men’s Gathering 2008

Moonlight/Sunlight Performance

Video from my original spoken word performance art piece written and performed for “Planet Queer: Haunted Tarot “. Taking some visual inspiration from the recent solar eclipse and contemporary issues at play in our modern world, Moonlight/Sunlight highlights the particular aspects of the Moon and Sun cards of the tarot deck.

Here’s the text:


Are you scared?   Are you frightened?

Are you terrified?

In these troubled times – Uncertainty abounds

In the darkness that surrounds us in the moonlight

Nothing’s quite predictable

Everything so unreliable in the moonlight.

Outside, inside, there’s no where to hide

For fear is everywhere in the moonlight.

When the shadows stretch over the world

Does a horror fall over your heart?

Does madness possess your mind?

In the moonlight

You feel helpless like a child

Your wonder wandering wild

Stirring the imaginations mysterious visions fill your head

Unraveling the manifestations of your unyielding dread

In the moonlight

So many illusions growing

The confusion of not knowing

What is real?  What is fake?   What is right?   What is wrong?

Isolation and desolation

Loneliness and longing

Can you survive your crazy thoughts and all its fright

In the moonlight?

Do you feel the shivers down your spine

The chill from the ever closer approach of death

Waiting for the moment to deliver your final breath

Fear!    Fear!     Fear!

Fight or freeze or flight

In the moonlight

Oh, but don’t you see

That her soft and seductive silver gleams

Are here to soothe your worried dreams

There’s no rejection

Beneath her gentle reflection

Compassion and grace

Follow the phases of the shadows on her face

Anything is possible in the darkness of the unknown

There resides vast potential – including your own

In the moonlight

So take the time to ease your mind

As she glides across the sky

And dream away your wildest dreams

All throughout the night

In the moonlight

Until the dawn’s warm light

Reaches over the horizon

Piercing through the dark

There are too many things I worry about

But now my cold heart thaws out

In the sunlight

And these moments bring the urgency of life

Calling out to me – “set down your strife

And lift your head to the sky!

Oh! and the tears that you cry

Can be for both misery and joy – enjoy!

In the sunlight”

We have the invitation to play

Come, enjoy the rebeginning of a new day

I want to bask in the radiant glow

Warm rays to soothe the pains I know

In the sunlight

So many moments given to my grief

Balance it out for our days are so brief

I am but a tiny pebble on a wide beach of sand

In the ocean of time

So let me lay here and feel divine Apollo’s embrace

Warm fingertips of the golden god caressing my face

In the sunlight

I am humbly but a single leaf upon the tree of life

Learning to stretch up into the heights

Beyond my mere humanity

I want to feel the sparkle of divinity

All the majesty of creation and the gift of elation

I wish to feel the intensity of living life so full like a fool

In the sunlight

I want to feel happiness and laughter in the sunlight!

I want to celebrate and revel in the sunlight!

I want to dance with my friends in the sunlight!

As silly as it seems I want to shine rainbows everywhere

In your eyes and in your hair in the sunlight!

Sharing in the beautiful magnificent luminous sunlight!

I want to feel it in my heart – that’s where it starts…

For I am rising like the sun…

that is here to shine for everyone

I am burning with the beauty of our love

I am lifting off the earth

I am lighter now than at my birth

I am moving by the magic of our love

I am flying, I am soaring

And there’s no use in ignoring

This was gifted from the glory of our love

In the sunlight!

ONE Queer Garden Club Mosaic Tile Workshop

On October 14, The ONE Queer Garden Club had a beautiful day creating mosaic tiles for the succulent plant Legacy Garden. Under the guidance of artist Jolino Beserra, over a dozen people participated in transforming the old garden foot stones into gorgeous works of art that will be placed in the garden as borders between plants and the walking path.  Enjoy the photos below – click on them to make larger. The next tile workshop has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 24, 2018 from 10am-2pm at the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries – the largest repository of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer materials in the world! I’m so glad to be the coordinator for the OQGC, it’s so worth exploring the Archives for the treasures both inside AND outside the building! Join us in 2018 for upcoming garden parties and events!




ONE Queer Garden Club – Budding Developments

Click images to enlarge

The ONE Queer Garden Club (OQGC) began in March 2017 as a volunteer group associated with the ONE Archives. Our initial objective has been to renovate, rejuvenate, and beautify an existing, overgrown and unused succulent garden outside the building so it can increase the buildings existing outdoor space and host a variety of creative arts, educational, and community events. In the past five months, a group of about 30 members has contributed to the renovation of the space, and we’re excited by all the possibilities the transformation holds for the future at the world’s largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world.

Here are some before & after pictures of the space in progress – as well as some group pictures from some of the gatherings.





We did a lot of work digging up overgrown plants and transplanting things that were in the way. We sculpted the garden to give it a general shape, with a several entrance pathways that wrap around clusters of plants leading to various open sections for future placement of benches, art installations, a shade structure, rainwater collection, and planters. There is a large central flat open area to be used as a performance and/or gathering space.

The next steps of OQGC will be to level the ground and cover the sand with large paving stones to create a wheelchair accessible path and make it easier to host events.

We want to increase the garden’s bio-diversity and are accepting donations of plants and planters.

We have ideas for upcoming mosaic tile art workshops, open to everyone, to learn how to create mosaic tile pieces from professional artist Jolino Beserra. First projects will have people tile the original stepping stones, so that everyone can contribute an individual art piece to the garden that when pieced together links the garden together with color. The tile pieces will also contain photos and images relating to LGBTQ heroes and icons researched from the Archives as a way to create a legacy garden honoring those who contributed to LGBTQ history.

From there we also aim to host a series of educational workshops about native species and drought tolerant plants.

We aim to work with other community organizations and artists to create both performance art events and art installations based on research Archive material – taking what exists inside the building “out” into the world.

We also look forward to hosting “Garden Tea Parties” a festive mixer and celebration featuring live performance in the garden.

To learn more and become a member of the OQGC please visit: onearchives.org/one-queer-garden-club/

Like our facebook page at: facebook.com/pg/ONEQueerGardenClub





Stuart Timmons’ WeHo LGBTQ History Tour 2017

The incredible team behind the 2017 tour

It was another beautiful experience producing & directing the Stuart Timmons’ City of West Hollywood LGBTQ History Tour this year during the One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival. In this day and age of intense political divide and the fight to keep arts funding, I have such a feeling of gratitude for a stellar cast and crew and such great administrative support from Mike Che and the WeHo Arts team.

It was definitely a bittersweet year, as we deeply felt the absence of our beloved tour author and historian, Stuart Timmons, who died earlier this year. We felt his presence in spirit throughout the day and are so glad to bring his words and the history of WeHo to life. It takes a lot of work to organize and plan out the tour – involving two shuttles on rotation departing approximately every 15-20 minutes, a cast of 17 costumed performers spread out and stationed across a mile stretch of the city, and all manner of other logistical details. For the past three years it has worked wonderfully each time, presenting an entertaining and educational experience to the public – and we provide the service for free thanks to the grant from the City of West Hollywood.

Enjoy a selection of photos by Tony Coelho taken during the day. For a full photo album, visit the WeHo Arts Facebook page at this link.

Performers April Hava Shenkman, Jane Cantillon, & Kristina Wong
Our veteran of musical entertainment: Odious Ari
Robert Patrick Playwright delivers information about some of the queer WeHo nightclubs from the 1930’s-50’s
Leopold Nunan and friend deliver a tribute to icon Carmen Miranda
Dolores Deluce and her bullet bra dishes on Barney’s Beanery & Rudi Gernreich
Hunky Qlint gives a rousing tribute to rollerskating hustlers of yesteryear along Santa Monica Blvd
Miss BarbieQ is prideful in her delivery about gay bars unique bird code and trans rights issues
Eugene & Atasiea speak about Judy Garland, some rather awful door policies of bars, and pre-Stonewall activism in WeHo
The tour gets a “fashionable” end with Rich Yap & Princess PoodlePoo helping tourists try on outfits inspired by the history and the legendary AhMen! clothing store

“I Painted My Fingernails A Rainbow…” (a new poem)

photos by Robert Patrick and Ian MacKinnon

premiered on March 20, 2017 @ Planet Queer:Resist
(poem is  meant as a live performance, taking on personas and displaying each color on each finger as mentioned in the parentheses next to first line)

I painted my fingernails a rainbow
So you would know what kind of person I am

     (right pinky)
Here on the pinky a dollop so dinky
But powerful, potent and purposely pink
Within its tiny confines my little girl dream twinkles
To distract from all the growing wrinkles
To nab something drab and transform the norm – pink!
Once upon a time you might think it was weak
But have you not seen its profound power united
Not tickled but ticked off pink and taking no more shit
From the stink of a government most foul
Pink is strength imparted from its corresponding tender parts
Oh pink! Always on the brink of something fun
Oh pink! Queerest shade under the sun
Pink! Pink! Pink! I don’t think I could squeal any more in delight
Than I do for you, pink!

     (left pinky)
And on the other hand reflecting time so refined 
The regal and stately shade known as purple
Properly placed for my dainty old lady to sip her tea
In calm and comfort with a sense of high society
Not wishing any harm just wisdom upon everyone
Well respected as reflected through the ages like the sages
Dressed in various sensible shades and bountiful brocades glorious purple
The perspicacity of plum, the vibrancy of violet
The exquisite ambiance imbued by amethyst
Or the light lift that you get as a gift from lavender
Exalted and vaulted in its holiness and royalty
Purposefully elegant and tastefully poignant purple

     (both thumbs)
Now hang loose you’ll find on my hand’s caboose 
My apprehensible and indispensable opposable green thumbs
To represent the lush Eden inside me
Both the untamed jungles of sensuous mystery within
Along side my meticulously groomed hothouse
Should I still be found sucking my thumb
It means I’ve come to enjoy the endless green pastures of delight
All manner of savory succulents and forbidden fruits of this here fruit
For that is how my garden grows
But also where my envy shows
I hope my bitter herbs aren’t tossed in the mix too often
A little spice when I’m not feeling nice
For should I bite my thumb at you- it is indeed intended as an insult
What can I say, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry
And the green you be seeing is the grass in your face from the foot in your ass
It’s only natural – green

     (ring finger left hand)
Watch out! Pay attention! Look here!
You’ve been warned, but don’t be too alarmed dear fellow
That beneath the warm and sunny mellow disposition
To be faced with vibrant vivid livid not really so timid yellow
Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fear
That you’ll dismiss me as a mere lilting daffodil or dandelion
You can paint me a coward yellow
But whatever might dribble down my pant leg metaphorically
Is merely one moment of this bold and buttery blonde – so beware!
Should I release my wits upon you’ll be showered and certainly not in praise
Like the wasp or bee that stings you will feel my burn
Caution is required for such awesomeness acquired
Highlighted in the accent of yellow

(ring finger right hand)
Which brings us now to blue
Among the throngs a frequent favorite hue
Not just for baby boys, but go on paint up your beards
And release your tension lest I mention coloring your balls — ew, anything but blue
Sunk into a funk of a somber mood indigo
But there we go from time to time to understand our depths
Where blue bruises forge tearful rivulets
The weight of one regret heaped upon yet another overwhelming
Moments cut off too soon – never quite captured completely
Fleeting glimpses – come back I miss you midnight blueness –
All knotted up and gnarled tight lingering in the throat
Things that were never said or said with dread until all blue in the face
Rejected neglected restricted conflicted I need to moan ——
Why do I feel so damn alone?!?!
Sorrow yesterday today and tomorrow
Give me strength to embrace navy blue  – shock me into awareness electric blue
Let me let go this burden and soar once more into the vast and wild blue yonder!
Soaring high into the sky blue
Oh, yes, give me smooth soothing baby blue I love you
How could I not stay true with blue!?

     (middle finger left hand)
Now, how to define a color that defies to rhyme
The brash and bold, does not always do what is told, orange
But do not get me started on he who shall not be named but is disgusting everywhere!
That atrocity hypocrisy disgrace to the human race and an abuse of the color – ugh!
But yes orange can be gaudy and audacious, bawdy and salacious
Like daggers in the eyes of sensibility
So feisty and zesty in testing the limits of taste
Tart and tangy, sweet and sultry
Appropriate color for a citrus fruit and much more to boot
The chakra source of our creative and sexy self
Sending vibrations to our imaginations from mild to wild
Orange ubiquitously encapsulates an entire season of autumnal splendor
From falling leaves to all hallowed eves
So wicked when you need it to be
So cute as a pumpkin as required
Abounding and astounding so, go for it already!
Orange you glad you did?

     (middle finger right hand)
Which brings us now to red.
A moment of silence please to experience the dread
Such a striking stunning cunning color
Worn in all the right places and dressed to impress
That brings a rise to the pitter patter of anticipation
What could be more sexy
Bite into the red apple and feel the rush
Cheeks blush, lips drip and bosoms blossom with bright and rosy radiance
What could be more thrilling – and simultaneously chilling
Because we know what a serpent lies ready to strike at any given moment
A venomous furious rush of emotion – red
Cut us open and spill our blood – red
Wrap us in ribbons, bandage our wounds, paint the town – red
Are you seeing nothing but it – red
Are we drowning as the world heats up – red
And more than a scarlet fever has reached a ferocious fervor in our head
The animosity of otherness overwhelming all our senses
Political fires burning bridges, burning crosses
Witness the witless demise of our society!
No! Fuck you red!
We are ready to serve it right back
Red revolution
Red resistance
Red rage
God damn you, mother fucking, what the hell is happening
If we keep this up we’ll all end up dead red!!!!!!

     (both index fingers)
Only when the black and the white the yin and the yang
Unite might everything be alright
Adjusting the teeter totter balance of the universe
Such sensational dancers through time and space
Combining all the colors, removing all the colors
The blending of sight and the absence of light
Reset restore renew refresh reveal rebegin
Everything and nothing
Tranquility and clarity
In the realm of possibility
There is so much to be said about black and white
But they speak volumes for themselves in voluptuous wavelengths of silence

As I gaze upon these fingertips I am reminded
That we contain all of this and more
A kaleidoscopic collage of colors and contradictions
We contain Whitman’s multitudes
And in the patterned patchwork of color
A most dramatic chromatic diorama
My fingertips are bright little signposts
Tell tale transmissions
Of this is who I am
This is what I am here to be
And I see the prism you imprison behind yours as well
Free the full spectrum of who you are

I painted my fingernails a rainbow
So you would know what kind of person I am

Footnote: (taking off shoes to reveal…)
As you know at the end of every rainbow
We’ve been told to find a pot of gold
So here goes –  enjoy my glittered toes!

NYC @ La MaMa Etc with Robert Patrick – Part 1

Singing a duet with Robert Patrick of his original song “Harmony” during La MaMa Etc’s “Coffeehouse Chronicles #140: Robert Patrick” on Feb 4, 2017  at their First Floor Stage – photo by Fussy Lo Mein


I had a splendid time in NYC accompanying Robert Patrick Playwright on his long-awaited and anticipated return to La MaMa Etc. for the premiere of “Hi-Fi | Wi-Fi | Sci-Fi”, in which directors Jason Trucco and Billy Clark delivered fascinating technological approaches to one act plays by Robert Patrick from the 1960’s & 1970’s that were very ahead of their time in predicting future (now contemporary) situations.  It was marvelous to see such an engaging and techno-magical treatment of Robert’s work – something that I think even the most familiar with Robert’s plays would be pleasantly surprised and impressed by.  Robert was stunned by it all – to which he came up with an explanation of his experience – something along the likes of “I’m experiencing a kind of jet lag between 1961 and 2017”.

I enjoyed watching Robert get caught in the projector lights, so absorbed in and dazzled by the immersive 360 degree video across the way on opening night, he didn’t realize he was on display!


I tagged along on his adventure to document his journey and experience a bit of NYC through my dear friend’s eyes. Robert moved to LA from NYC in the early 90’s, and had only been back for a few short, one-day visits for special events. The folks from La MaMa were great hosts, graciously opening their doors to us both in order to welcome him back  for a week and a half so that he had time to take in many of the show’s performances and to enjoy reconnecting with so many wonderful people. They held a “Coffeehouse Chronicle” panel event of “expert friends” from various points in Robert’s history on Saturday, Feb 4. I felt honored to be part of the event representing Robert’s recent prolific exploits in the LA Underground Performance scene during the past 5 years. I can’t quite describe how remarkable it was to witness so many theatrical luminaries of the Off Off Broadway scene that came out to see Robert that afternoon – there was so much history in the room – it was vibrating. I got to hear delightful stories, which were like getting to admire exquisite and rare crown jewels for a brief moment shown to me by those who actually got to wear them.


Some of the theatrical luminaries and friends from Robert’s life that shared the stage to discuss their experiences during the Coffeehouse Chronicles #140 – (from left to right) producer John Wolfson, Robert, actress extraordinaire Carol Nelson, (seated) playwright William Hoffman, (standing) prof. Arthur Adair, Coffeehouse host Michal Gamily, (seated) author/actress/archivist Magie Dominic, (standing) actor Jordan Beswick, me, and author/publisher Michael McGrinder.


The play took a rather interesting twist during our visit. Robert and I sat with the directors over breakfast the day after the opening night to share some of our notes and observations. It was decided at the table that the show would be propelled to another level by having Robert close the production with one of his a cappella songs. Funny enough, Robert had a song, from his “Bobcappella!” show that I produced, which fit the theme of the show perfectly – even using the title elements of “Hi-Fi | Wi-Fi | Sci-Fi” within the body of the song as rhymes. Suddenly Bob was in the show!

the ReBegin is here