Is a collage assemblage based on both original and collected photography as well as various recycled and found objects to create an contemporary adaptation of the myth of Atlas. The mythological figure of Atlas is commonly thought of as a strong figure holding up the Earth upon his shoulders. The “shrugged” of the title is not a direct reference to the novel by Ayn Rand, but a play on the idea, in which Atlas is out of balance and the Earth upon his shoulders is tilted…and various endangered animals and species are actually falling off the planet due to the tilt.

Atlas will be an actual photograph of a model, depicted as gravely wounded from the ravages of a war torn and over-industrialized/over-developed planet. One of his legs has been severed, Atlas is leaning on crutches, and his arms are in a sling, and thus the planet is tilting toward his left side (visually the viewers right). His body is peppered with needle marks…and various drain cables…as well as industrial oil rigs and fracking drills.

The planet Earth is made from an assemblage of recycled/repurposed/painted items – to create the blue planet and green/brown continents. One the left side of the planet along the top are visuals of large skyscrapers and modern architecture, along with construction vehicles, planes, etc. The left side is full of manmade machines, which are pushing (with a bulldozer at the forefront) all of the animals and plants onto the far right side of the planet. Since Atlas is tilting the planet, many of the animals are falling off the planet and into the void of space. Once the animals fall into the void – some are depicted as transforming into stars. While the message is bleak – there is at least one little spark of hope.

The collage/assemblage will be approximately 8′ tall and 4-5′ wide, so that Atlas has a slightly larger than lifesize presence.


Collage/mixed media – “Mary (from the Annunciation Diptych)”
Collage “Reptile Mind Release”
Video Still from videoart piece “Sermon at the Cathedral of Freeways”